One of the most difficult things when feeding a newborn is knowing what sort of wind the baby is suffering from. Some hardly have any wind and can be put over your shoulder or sat upright on your lap with their back straight. The wind can come up easily, with a little burp or sometimes a small posset of milk. Others have a lot of discomfort which makes them cry or bring their legs up to their tummies.

If a baby has reflux it will feed and then sick up a lot of the milk. This is caused by a weak sphincter muscle at the top of his stomach. This can last up to 6 months but usually stops after 3-4 months, or when the baby starts to mature. Your doctor or health visitor will diagnose this and may suggest using Gaviscon, which stabilises the stomach contents and reduces the incidence of reflux and regurgitation. If bottle fed, the baby can be given a milk called Nutramigen – a special formula which is not goat, cow or soy. Do not however use either of these without medical advice. Bad wind can also be caused by a lactose intolerance and this also will be diagnosed by your GP. Infacol can be used from birth and helps to break up any wind bubbles. It can be given before each feed and this can be bought at any good chemist.

Breast fed babies do not need winding as much as bottle fed babies, but in both cases it is still important to try winding before putting him down to sleep.

Let me know if you have any questions. Please ensure you seek advice from a doctor before giving your baby any medication.



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