Today we took our first pregnancy test.

Geoff got back in the early hours and conked out. I found it pretty hard to sleep. I woke up at 2.30am and 4.30am and then couldn’t get back to sleep. I could feel the pregnancy tests burning a whole in my sock drawer.

I went downstairs, made some tea and sat down to do some wedmin. I’d been meaning to put together a spreadsheet outlining ideas and costs for a while. I tried my best to keep my mind off the pregnancy tests.

At about 6am I couldn’t wait any longer. I bounded back into the bedroom, scooped up the pregnancy tests and then snuffled next to Geoff to wake him up. Geoff was not particularly excited about waking up early, but when I showed him the pregnancy tests he was very understanding.

We had the type of tests that show up two pink lines for pregnant and only one line for not pregnant. You have to pee on the end of the stick and the test gives you the result within 3 minutes. Seemed way too simple for such a huge life changing event.

The instructions said to make sure you only pee on the end of the stick, otherwise it could confuse the result. Sounded easy enough, so I tried the first one. It was my first pee of the morning; way more powerful than I was expecting. It went all over the test. Disaster. Thank god I bought three! But, still, we wanted to see the result. Geoff and I sat on the edge of the bath together, waiting.

Slowly but surely the paper changed colour and showed up two clear pink lines. We both looked at each other and raised our eyebrows, but decided that test wasn’t really a good example.

This time I decided a different route, one I would also advise to anyone else doing a pregnancy test for the first time. I peed in a cup and dipped the end of the stick in. Much easier. We sat back on the edge of the bath waiting to see what the test showed. It showed up two clear pink lines again. OH. MY. GOD! We dipped the third test in and again – two pink lines. WE’RE PREGNANT!

The most extraordinary feeling came over both of us. Utter bliss and excitement at the same time as complete terror and worry. We both sat there looking at each other, smiling in disbelief. How could we possibly have got pregnant so quickly? I thought it would take at least six months for my body to get back to normal after having had the coil for such a long time. I’ve always had polycystic ovaries. I hadn’t had a proper period for 10 years.

It was always a huge worry of mine. I had quite a bad accident in my teens which shocked my lower back and the whole area around my womb. From that point onwards, I hardly had periods, my whole cycle was very irregular. I’d almost settled on the idea that I might not be able to have children. But… we could! The absolute best feeling in the world.

It was a magical moment. Just the two of us, sitting together, hugging and realising that it was possible. Our bodies could really work together.

For a moment Geoff looked in shock. 9 months is really not that far away. For all we knew we could have already been through 2 or 3 months of the pregnancy already. Geoff and I had both recently changed jobs. We’d both moved from secure corporate jobs, with private healthcare and maternity pay, and started working for startups. We’d each taken a huge cut in salary, our hours were longer and neither of our respective companies had maternity or paternity policies. And what’s more, we’d set our wedding date for the end of September. How close was the due date going to be to the wedding day?

We had a lot to think about. But then again, we didn’t. Everything else just felt so insignificant. It was the happiest day of our lives. We took a pregnancy test and it was positive!


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