Week 1 of pregnancy

What happens in week 1?

I had no idea that in week 1 of pregnancy, the baby hasn’t even been conceived yet? In fact, the baby isn’t actually conceived until about week 3 of your pregnancy. No wonder I didn’t notice anything change in my body until week 5.

Week 1 is the egg maturity week. It’s when your uterus and ovaries are preparing for fertilisation, just like for every monthly cycle. This week also happens to be the week of your period. At around day five of this week, an egg starts to mature inside a fluid-filled sac, in one of your two ovaries. At the same time, your uterus lining will start to thicken with blood vessels to make a nice cosy cushion for the egg to be implanted. If this egg didn’t get fertilised, that’s what would give you your next period.

The doctor starts the 40 week (or nine month) pregnancy calendar from the day of your last period, as it’s around the same date that your egg starts maturing. They then use this date to calculate your estimated due date.

How might you be feeling?

The feelings you get this week are normally the same sorts of feelings you get in your usual monthly cycle – tender breasts, mood swings and tiredness for example. I had all of these.

What should you be thinking about?

Healthy mummy = healthy baby. Quit smoking and drinking and any other unhealthy habits. Whatever goes into your body from this point onwards will go into your baby. Even passive smoking can harm the baby, so try to avoid being around other smokers.

Folic acid – take a 400microgram pill every day for the first three months of pregnancy. You should really have been taking it for three months before getting pregnant as well, but don’t worry if you haven’t. Folic acid is a B vitamin which can reduce the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

Medication – if you are on medication or prescription drugs of any sort, organise an appointment with your GP. Don’t stop taking your medication before you visit your GP. They will be able to tell you if the medication you are taking is safe during pregnancy.

I actually didn’t know I was pregnant at this point so I wasn’t taking any folic acid and I was still drinking. Not ideal, but don’t panic if you do the same. My GP just said to stop as soon as I found out.


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