Why Bambito?

The idea for Bambito was born out of sheer necessity. Over the last five years my family has tripled in size, as 25 tiny little people have joined the team. With each new birth, I have felt overwhelmed with joy, literally as if my heart is going to burst! Bringing a new life into the world really is just the most magical thing – a cause for celebration! But let’s be honest, nobody feels like going out to celebrate straight after giving birth. So the best way for friends and family to mark the occasion is by buying the parents a gift.

It turns out that almost every other family member or close friend is overcome with this same wonderful feeling. As a result, each new parent receives a huge number of gifts. Everyone is really generous. They want to congratulate the parents and share in their happiness. But over time, I’ve noticed how many of these gifts have been things the parents were unable to use.

One of the main issues seems to be that when parents have their first child, they feel the need to over-prepare. They buy all the things they think they’ll need in advance of the baby’s arrival. Then when the baby is born they are sent so many presents that they end up with far too much stuff. They double up on lots of things and find themselves with too many baby grows and jellycat toys. It seems such a waste. I wondered if there was a way we could harness the incredible generosity of friends and family in a more worthwhile way.

We have seen wedding lists work so well to help guide gifters wanting to celebrate in the joy of a marriage. But I would argue that having a baby is ten times more exciting than getting married. It is completely life changing. And a time where friends and family want to give the most. But how are they supposed to know what to buy? They want to give you something beautiful and practical, something you’ll really love. But they need you to help them. They need guidance.

To solve this problem, I developed Bambito. I imagined how helpful it would be if each new parent had their own wish list. Us gifters all know that, as a new parent, you’ll need a vast number of new things. So why not let us help you? We are going to give you something anyway, so let us club together and buy you a cot, a car seat or maybe your dream buggy instead. Use Bambito to create a list and share it with us for inspiration. It would make our lives so much easier. So if you’re not doing it for you, then please do it for us! 🙂

We very much look forward to having you as part of Bambito and our journey towards making sure every gift given is positively received.


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