A Newborn Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Newborn babies have two main patterns of sleep. 50% is known as Active Sleep and 50% is known as Quiet Sleep. Active Sleep is characterised by muscle twitching, eye movements and fast irregular breathing. This is followed by Quiet Sleep where the heart rate and breathing is slow and regular. Each of these sleep cycles … Continue reading A Newborn Baby’s Sleep Pattern



Sleep is a much discussed subject when a new baby is brought home. Both parents are exhausted after the birth and both are denied a good nights sleep for weeks after the baby is born. So below are some basic principles which, if implemented from birth, should help a baby to develop a good sleep … Continue reading Sleep


One of the most difficult things when feeding a newborn is knowing what sort of wind the baby is suffering from. Some hardly have any wind and can be put over your shoulder or sat upright on your lap with their back straight. The wind can come up easily, with a little burp or sometimes … Continue reading Wind